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What it is RiRa

RiRa is a telepresence robot that allows an individual to be“present”via video call and mobility. The user controls its mobility by using RiRa’s android app’s “RiRa” and “RiRa Controller”. The robot can be accessed virtually from anywhere in the world using internet. RiRa is a rugged, affordable and easy to use robot. It may be use for monitoring industrial manufacturing area, virtually attending official meetings, to keep the employees under close supervision, providing extra care and information collection from patients in hospitals,attending classes at universities, home monitoring, getting in touch with family members from abroad and for security purposes.


Driving Distance

Wherever Internet is available


Slow to moderate walking speed


The height can be adjusted remotely according to necessity

User Interface

Android. Applicable for all Android Devices


6-8 hours as per use

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