Robotics & Microcontroller

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Rini Eshan Khushboo

A.B.M. Rezaul Islam


Systech Publication

Pubished On:

Amar Ekushey Boimela 2015

This book is for them who want to start doing research on Robotics in Bangladesh or need to submit any microcontroller based project work academically. This is the first book written in Bangla about “Robotics and Microcontroller” in Bangladesh. The book chapters include elaborate explanation of microcontroller programming, sensors interfacing, motor controlling, Arduino & Wireless Module Interfacing and datasheet explanation of microcontroller with programming. Also there are chapters on introducing basic electronic components with their uses, battery and powering, introducing various boards. There is a separate chapter on “How to Make a Line Follower Robot with code and detailed circuit”.

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Rini Eshan Khusboo
ABM Rezaul Islam