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About Planeter

Planeter Ltd, formerly known as Planeter Bangladesh was established by two young, energetic and ambitious engineers in year 2012. They started their company by developing various kinds of microcontroller based boards and hobby robot kits specially to assist university students in completing their robotic projects. But the driving fund for research and development came from their microcontroller and robotics training program.

Planeter successfully trained 6000+ students on microcontroller and robotics since its inception. Planeter has got a capable R&D team and is trying to establish robotics in Bangladesh in such a way that if people over here wish to get trained or want to work with robotics professionally and build their career on this, then Planeter is the place where they need to come. Planeter provides a good lab facility, work as a team and makes things successful.

Planeter was, in year 2015, incorporated into a private limited company. It is the first company in Bangladesh which is working solely with robotics. Planeter believes that it is creating that magical gateway which will show the path to dreamers, researchers, robo hobbyists, professionals through which precise, well balanced, user friendly, unique, even human like robotic stuffs and robots can be built for the betterment of Bangladesh.

After years of uphill struggle, Planeter has developed a series of commercial robots for beginners, companies and industries.

Currently we have popular humanoid robot character like I-Ra and this branding robot is being rented at regular basis by companies and industries. We have telepresence robot like RiRa that provides an official person enjoy the best communication experience.

We have trained students from almost every engineering universities in Bangladesh. Planeter believes that we have to fulfill our responsibility to strengthen the nation by providing more job opportunities and assist in raising the level of robotics in Bangladesh. We strongly believe that what we are doing now will drive this nation and the whole world towards advancement in robotics.

Our Mission is to create standard, useful, eye-catching and economic robots and gradually forward towards robot export based industry. Also we want to stop brain drain by creating intellectual profession through developing world class robotic research center.

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